Automate the manual process of income document review

Automated document parsing and fraud review now available in beta

Truework Documents helps lenders save time and reduce fraud risk by automatically parsing structured data from income documents and flagging any suspicious documents for further review. By joining the beta program you will work directly with our team to guide our roadmap.

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Save time and money

Speed up the loan cycle and allow staff to focus on higher-value work by reducing manual data entry.

Reduce risk of fraud

Fraudulent or altered documents will be flagged for further review.

Combine multiple methods

Offer applicants the ability to upload documents or log in to their payroll provider, whichever they prefer.


One platform, many methods

  • Truework combines multiple verifications methods to maximize speed and coverage

  • Instant reports, user-permissioned payroll data, and even manual outreach are all available individually or as a waterfall



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Save time and eliminate errors with income documents automatically converted into structured data

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